Linear Transformation Tools


3D Linear Repeat, Move, Duplicate and Distribute Tools
These tools are like the equivalent tools in the Transformation Tools palette with some exceptions. The tools operated in 'draw three-way' or in place, and the Move tool has a fixed-dimension move capability.


3D Mirror Tool
The 3D Mirror tool mirrors selected objects about a line. The mirroring is done in the current view plane. In the tool's dialog, you can choose if you want the objects to be copied, in which case the object will be duplicated and mirrored about the line. If you do not select Copy Objects, then the objects will be mirrored about the line.

The tool allows you to mirror objects by clicking on a line in the drawing, or by drawing a line with the mouse.

To mirror selected objects by clicking on a line, select the 3D Mirror tool from the WildTools 3D palette. The cursor will change to a Picklefork cursor. If no objects are selected, the Arrow cursor will be active. See "Transformation Tools-Selecting Objects".

Click on any line in the drawing-even in a group-to indicate the line about which the objects are to be mirrored.

The selected objects will be mirrored about the line, and in the current view plane.

Be aware that the mirroring is only correct for objects that are in the same plane as the line, and that if you have multiple objects for 3D depictions that have 'depth' relative to the plane that the line is in, the mirroring will be incorrect. Remember, the objects are 'lines on paper', and they contain no three-dimensional geometry.


3D Move Points Tool
This is the same as the Move Points tool except that the move is constrained to the 3D axes.


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