The Most Powerful Technical Illustration Tools in the World


If someone asks you, "What's it going to look like?", chances are you will whip out a quick pencil-sketch of your design on a piece of paper-as a three-dimensional depiction. That's the way most people see things in their mind, and it's often the best way to communicate a design. Yet we spend almost all of our time producing orthogonal drawings that we can understand, but which not everyone can easily understand.

Why? Because drawing three-dimensional depictions has always been too difficult, in manual drafting, in PowerCADD, or in any of the master-of-none 2D/3D programs that abound.

No more. WildTools 3D brings the legendary power of WildTools to the business of drawing three-dimensional depictions in the 2D world of a PowerCADD drawing. It's not true 3D, of course, but it's many times more useful.

It starts with a simple idea -- the 3D cube. Click on a side of the cube and then use any of your old familiar tools to draw in that plane. That's it. That's all there is to learn to draw with WildTools 3D.

OLD FRIENDS IN A NEW DIMENSION. WildTools 3D is a high-end technical
illustration tool palette for PowerCADD that provides a breath-taking explosion
of axonometric drawing capabilities, yet it does so with MacDraw-like ease of use.

There are more than 75 tools in the WildTools 3D palette, and most of them work exactly like your old friends in WildTools, except that these tools 'think in 3D'. Most of the tools are the same, so you have the same tools for lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, polygons, parallel offsets, offset lines, wall centerline, fillets, chamfers... just like WildTools.

Springs, rods, nuts, circles or regular polygons at literally any angle in space are available in a simple click-and-drag operation, thus the most difficult problems of axonometric drawings are literally reduced to child's play.

The 3D Gridline tool shows just how hard all this is.

Don't let all this fun and playfulness fool you, however. As in WildTools, you can use the Edit Window to edit lengths, angles and dimensions in the process of drawing. These dimensions and angles are in the current 3D plane, thus you can draw with all of the precision in a 3D depiction that you've used for years in 2D drafting.

If you've ever tried a 3D program, you already know how difficult and confusing they can be. WildTools 3D is a completely new approach, and it is by far the most powerful set of technical illustration tools ever offered on any computer.

It makes 3D so easy, it's fun.


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