Polygon & Curve Tools


3D Regular Polygon Tool
The 3D Regular Polygon tool allows you to place or draw regular polygons in the current view plane. The polygons may be of a fixed size or drawn interactively with the mouse.

Choose whether the tool will draw interactively (arrow) or place a fixed-size polygon (equal sign).

Choose whether the polygon will be placed by size (measured across the flats) or by the enclosing diameter.

If you've selected a fixed-size polygon, type the size or diameter.

Click on a side of the cube control to change the current view plane.

Select in-plane if you want to place or draw the polygon directly in the current view plane.

Alternatively, you may select one of the two out-of-plane choices, in which case the polygon is rotated about the 'horizontal' or 'vertical' axis of the current view plane. The size/diameter of these polygons may be measured in one axis, as indicated by the solid line in the sample window in the dialog box.

Click on the '<' and '>' buttons to adjust the presentation.

To draw with this tool, use it like the equivalent 3D circle tools.


Other 3D Polygon and Curve Tools
The 3D Polygon, 3D Parallel Polygon, 3D Square Polygon, 3D Spiral and 3D Cloud tools are identical to the WildTools equivalent tools except that they draw in the current view plane.


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