Wavy Line Tool


Wavy Line Tool
The Wavy Line tool allows you to draw a variety of wavy lines for fabric walls, zig-zag lines, steel decking, frieze details or water waves.

In the tool's dialog:

Choose the type of wavy line you want to place. Type the wave length. In the case of the sine wave curve, this is the length of a full up-and-down 'S' wave. Type of wave height, or amplitude.

Choose Accordion if you want the wave length to be adjusted in an accordion-like manner with your mouse movement. If you turn this off, then the wave length specified will be rigidly followed.

Use the popup menu for a number of preset choices for fabric curtains and standard steel decking.

To use the tool, simply click and drag in the drawing to draw the wavy line.

To place a wavy line using an existing line or rectangle in the drawing, press and hold down the Option key. The cursor will change to a Picklefork cursor. Click on a line, rectangle or rotated rectangle. The wavy line will be placed in the drawing. If you click on a line, it will use the length of the line in the same way that you would draw a wavy line. In the case of a rectangle, it will adjust the wave height to fill the narrow width of the rectangle.

Converting Lines to Wavy Lines
The Wavy Line tool can be used to convert a line to a wavy line. Press and hold down the Shift and Option keys. The cursor will change to a Yin-Yang cursor. Click on a line. The line will be converted.


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