Airplane Plastics

Jeff and Becky Rogers

Jeff Rogers has been making the Falco canopy, windshield and wing tip lenses for the Falco from the beginning, first with Walt Hoy's company and then for many years with Airplane Plastics that he and Becky have operated.

They make windshields and canopies for many homebuilt aircraft other than the Falco.

Available parts are:

Windshield and Canopy, Standard
P/N 109 Windshield $750.00
P/N 110 Canopy $2,400.00
P/N 109 Windshield and P/N 110 Canopy $3,100.00

Windshield and Canopy, Nustrini
P/N 109A Windshield $825.00
P/N 110A Canopy $2,640.00
P/N 109A Windshield and P/N 110A Canopy $3,410.00

Wing Tip Lenses
Two wing tip lenses, one left, one right, made of Lexan $300.00

All prices are F.O.B. Tip City, OH
These prices are the same charged by Sequoia Aircraft Corp.


Airplane Plastics
9785 Julie Court
Tipp City OH 45371
(937) 669-2677