Borden Chemical Company


Penacolite G-1131 resorcinol/formaldehyde adhesive is highly recommended as the finest wood adhesive for wood aircraft construction. This adhesive is easier to use and more forgiving than most resorcinols. This glue was used on the Bellanca Viking and the French Robin aircraft without a single glue failure. The glue was originally developed by Koppers Corp, which changed to Indspec Chemical Company, and now the glue is sold by Borden Chemical Company. Borden uses distributors and for a distributor near you, contact Borden at (800) 346-2546, or you can contact their west coast distributor, Din Tech, at (562) 908-5554, ext. 215 (ask for Denny, the owner). The prices listed below are those charged by Indspec, and may no longer be applicable.



For a "5 Gal Kit" order:    
50 lb pail of Penacolite G-1131A Resin @4.10/lb


10 lb drum of Penacolite G-1131B Hardener @2.44/lb