F.14 Nibbio

The F.14 Nibbio was a four-seat development of the F.8L Falco featuring a door on the starboard side of the cabin, control wheels in place of the Falco's sticks, a Vne of 250 mph, and an ultimate load factore of 7 g's at gross weight. The Nibbio was produced by Aviamilano.

F.14 Nibbio
Powered by 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1A
Propeller Hartzell constant speed
Wing span 31' 2"
Length 23' 9"
Wing area 138.9 sq ft
Gross weight 2,535 lbs
Empty weight 1,500 lbs
Accommodation 4 seats
Maximum speed 200 mph
Maximum cruise speed 185 mph
Economy cruise speed 168 mph
Stall speed 60 mph
Rate of climb 1,200 fpm
Service ceiling 17,700 ft
Maximum range 620 sm