F.20 Pegaso

The F.20 Pegaso was built by General Avia, and the company formed to produce it, Italair, was not successful in raising the needed capital..

F.20 Pegaso
Powered by Two 300 hp Continental IO-520-K
Propeller Hartzell constant speed
Wing span 33' 11"
Length 26' 10-3/4"
Wing area 172.4 sq ft
Gross weight 5,070 lbs
Empty weight 3,086 lbs
Accommodation 5-6 seats
Maximum speed 242 mph
Maximum cruise speed 230 mph
Economy cruise speed 220 mph
Stall speed 72 mph
Rate of climb 2,000 fpm
Service ceiling 20,500 ft
Maximum range 1,110 sm

Cesare Voglini of Allesandria, Italy (Email: illegno@iol.it) sent us the following photos of I-CBIE, which was named for Carla Bielli) which he once owned. Cesare has owned Falco I-RALA, Picchio F.15 I-PICC and Pegaso F.20 I-CBIE. Says Cesare, "For me, it's a real passion, my daughter learned to fly in it. Unfortunately, the Pegaso was destroyed in November 1994 because of a flood. It was awful for me because I made it perfect with the most modern navigation instruments and with a very nice 'make up'. I loved it."

Stelio Frati in the F.20 Pegaso