For the mother of all escapes: Stelio Frati's latest design, the SF.8PW/A 'Saddamizer', is being hurriedly designed and built to fulfill an urgent requirement for CISR (counter-insurgency stealth retreat) aircraft in Iraq. Designed to meet the personal requirements of Saddam Hussein, the all-wood Falco-based design features the latest in stealth technology to allow Mr. Hussein to escape from Iraq undetected by radar. The aft-facing CYA-50 "Bum Rap" machine gun is designed to provide protection from attacking aircraft while simultaneously supplying recoil thrust that adds 50 knots to the top military-emergency fleeing speed of the plane. The tail hook is provided for stealing shirts off the backs of unsuspecting Iraqis.

(Drawing by Jack Amos -- 1991)




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