Kas Thomas's new book The LPM Engine Operating Guide was mentioned in the last builder letter. I now have a copy and can recommend it highly. Lots of useful information you won't find elsewhere. Every Falco builder should have a copy.

Nothing to do with Falcos, but Steve Wilkinson's brother, Alec Wilkinson, is the author of a new book just released titled Moonshine, A Life in Pursuit of White Liquor. Reviewed in the latest issue of Time, the book is about a North Carolina revenue agent's life breaking up illegal stills. A wonderful story about a legendary and colorful personality, whose view of flounder is "I don't eat nothing with both eyes on the same side of the head".

Nigel Moll's just-released Oshkosh is a photo essay of last year's Oshkosh airshow. Two pictures of Dave Aronson's Falco are included. If you have never been to Oshkosh, this book captures the essence of the show.

In the news lately is Falco builder Vern Raburn who is President of Symantec, a new personal computer software company with a blockbuster artificial intelligence program expected out soon. Although a new company, the roster of people at Symantec reads like an All-American team of programmers and superstars of their field. Vern's expertise is as a businessman and in marketing, and thus does not fit the usual hacker mold. With Microsoft, he was in charge of bringing Multiplan to the market, and then did a repeat performance with Lotus 1-2-3, whose success is widely attributed to shrewd marketing.

Between work on his Falco, Jonas Dovydenas has been doing some traveling -- to Russia on one occasion and into Afghanistan on another. Entering through a mountain pass from Pakistan, he spent several days in the mountains with the rebels watching Russian planes bomb other rebels across the valley and taking photographs for an article on the war.

The spring issue of Wood News, published by Highland Hardware includes the article "Sex and the Woodworker", George Frank's account of an affair he had in 1926 in France with an innkeeper's daughter. The only possible reference to wood is the handle on the knife the innkeeper used to threaten young Frank in case the daughter caught a disease he suspected Frank of having-instead Frank picked up a separate ailment from the young lady.

More obnoxious than Oshkosh's worst case of mental dog-bite-those wild-eyed aviation Granola-heads who haunt our booth with suggestions for making the Falco out of paper and other similarly exotic materials-are the independent long distance salesmen who call on businesses. We get at least one call a week. We've finally found the perfect solution -- when they call, Brenda just tells them that we don't have a telephone and hangs up.

Quentin Rench's "Millennium Falco" was mentioned in Steve Wilkinson's "Letter from America" in a recent issue of Pilot magazine in England.

The Fifth Annual World's Only Oyster Fly-In and Gathering of Stelio Frati Aircraft takes place on Saturday, November 2 at Rosegill Farm Airstrip, Urbanna, Virginia. New features this year include Jim DeAngelo's FIRST EVER ATTEMPTED ITALIAN OYSTER ROLL, a unique combination of Falco acrobatics, pasta and live oysters guaranteed to thrill all who are courageous enough to watch-Falco acrobatics you can sink you teeth into. As always, the airshow will include PARKE SMITH & HIS AMAZING INVERTED OYSTER BITE and Alfred Scott's acrobatics while simultaneously EATING OYSTERS, CHEWING TOBACCO AND PLAYING "THE MUCKING OF GEORDIE'S BYRE" ON THE BAGPIPE. Especially welcome are unusual aircraft. Beech, Piper and Cessna products tolerated. No electric oyster knives permitted.

Speaking of Steve Wilkinson, he aims to be the slowest Falco builder on record. First flight is to be done by his daughter, Brook, age 5. Brook signs the inside of all parts for the Falco before they are closed.

And speaking of little girls, Sara and Kakee Scott remind everyone that their daddy does not like to be called "Al". They suggest "Alfred", "Mr. Scott" or "Daddy" as more preferable alternatives.

The Great Oyster Fly-In was rained out, but a few of us brave souls gathered the following weekend for a rain check. John and Midge Oliver came as did Wilkinsons all. Steve said that Brook -- for whom he is building the Falco -- has announced that she is not going to fly in the Falco. She has thought it over and has decided that anything made out of wood is not going to fly.

For those who need more, there is Woodsmith magazine. It seems to be directed at the bookshelves-oak icebox-dining table projects. Free router table plans with a subscription order. Six issues a year for $10.00. Woodsmith, 2200 Grand Avenue, P.O. Box 842, Des Moines, IA 50304-9961

Possibly the fastest assembly of the basic airframe has been done by Steve Bachnak. Steve has done all of his woodwork and has made about half of the rest. The first year was spent making pieces, and this spring he started on the assembly. The photographs from May show the tail going together next to the wing ribs being made. In October the entire airframe was complete but not skinned yet.

Perry Burholm probably holds the record for the tightest working space. His garage is so small that his wing was built leading edge up. Perry is now wiring the Falco, and it remains in the same vertical position since it won't fit in the shop any other way.


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