Door Tool

Door Tool
The Door tool allows you to place a variety of doors by clicking on parallel lines in the drawing. The tool provides a wide variety of options and detail.

Architects vary widely in the way they draw doors. Some regard doors as a symbol only and use the minimum amount of detail to show the door, while others are compulsive about showing details of trim, stops on the door frame, sills and thresholds. The Door tool attempts to serve the full spectrum of users by placing these decisions in your hands.

The tool will operate and show you choices for Imperial or Metric choices. Move the mouse over the Door tool's button dock and you will have two choices.

In the tool's dialog, you set the behavior of the tool:

Doors can be hinged, bifold, pocket, sliding or overhead and in double or triple varieties. You pick the type of frame, threshold, door angle, frame size, setback, etc.

To place a door, you click on one wall line, drag to the second wall line and then move the cursor to locate the door.


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