Line Tools

Slope Tool
This tool allows you draw a line at a specified slope. This is commonly used for drawing roof slopes.

Set the desired slope in the tool's dialog. A pop-up menu is provided for the most common architectual roof slopes.

Draw a slope line.


Curved Dashed Tool
This tool allows you draw a dashed curved line.

This is typically used for connecting electrical symbols. In this case, the tool is simply the WildTools B-spline tool installed here and set up to draw two styles of dashed lines.


Projection Line Tool
The Projection Line tool places projection lines (or optionally, points) along a reference line.

The Projection Line tool closely emulates the process most draftsmen use on a drawing board. You establish a reference line, and when you click on the drawing, projection lines are drawn perpendicular to the reference line. This allows you to set up a view in any direction.

When you select the too, the reference line will be shown as a 'crawling' gray line.

To change the reference line, hold down the Option key and click on any line in the drawing, or the side of a rectangle or polygon. The object that you option-click may be inside a group.

In the tool's dialog, you set whether the tool will place a fixed-length projection line, a line extending from the click-point to the reference line, or a point on the reference line.

To place a projection line, you click in the drawing.

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