Panel Tool

Panel Tool
The most recent addition to this palette is the Panel tool, written at the request of Peter Kramer for drawing raised panels.

With this tool, you can draw panels by drawing a rectangle, or you may also use it as a parallel offset tool for other shapes. In the parallel offset mode, it will not place miter lines.

The Outline Frame Molding choices mean to apply the Outline Line style to the outside and inside of the frame molding.

The Linked choice means to create an external object, either a parallel object or a new equivalent for rectangles with miter lines. Either way, the objects continue to 'remember' the original offsets and settings so that you can drag the corners and they will stretch and will behave properly.

To draw a panel by drawing a rectangle, click and drag in the drawing.

To use the tool as a parallel offset tool, click on an object in the drawing and drag to one side.

And if you press the Option key before you click on the object, it will do a parallel offset both ways.

This means you can have a total of seven offsets each way, for a total of 14 new lines. This is very handy for laying out roads and highways.

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