Propeller Efficiency Calculator

Now, with the propeller, you can use the Propeller Efficiency Calculator. You have sliders that you can move to change the settings, or you may type the numbers.

This uses the Boeing General Propeller Chart as the basis for all of the calculations.

The green bar in the chart is the loss or gain in propeller efficiency due to the total activity factor. Typically, this is a very small amount.

On the speed side of the propeller efficiency calculator, we've added a depiction of the propeller that changes with the number of blades and also the activity factor, so you can see what an activity factor really means.

If you use excessive rpms, the tip speed will go over 1000 fps, the blade tips are shown in red, the loss in efficiency for the tip speed is shown in a red bar and the blade thickness then becomes a relevant factor.

We have made every effort to present a simplified view of propeller efficiency and to make the concepts understandable. However for those of you who want to see all the numbers and data, you can choose Show Details.




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