Kit No. 816
Electrical Equipment

All components for the installation of the electrical system.

The Falco electrical system is an extremely sophisticated system, comparable to systems installed in high-quality production aircraft, but with features normally included as options in such systems. The system is available in kit form only, which includes all electrical drawings and a complete step-by-step installation manual. The drawings are extremely detailed, and the system can be installed easily by a novice.

The electrical kit consists of 20 sub-kits with a total of 1674 parts. Eight of these sub-kits are wiring kits. Six of these are related to the plugs and receptacles, and they include the wires with pins installed on the wires ready for installation into the plug or receptable. The other sub-kits include circuit breakers, fuses, switches, relays, lamps, post lights, transistors, diodes, resistors, miscellaneous equipment (bus bars, senders, voltage regulator, etc), terminals, terminal blocks plugs, receptacles, hardware and battery installation hardware. The kits do not include the battery, landing light or alternator.

High quality components are used throughout. Gold-plated pins and sockets are used in all connectors for better conductivity and reliability, MIL-S-8834 and MIL-S-83731 switches are used. High temperature Tefzel (MIL-W-22759 and MIL-C-27500) wire is used throughout, and all wires are color-coded for easy identification and installation.

The electrical drawings include details showing the installation of all of the switches, with the location of each terminal shown. The same is true of all of the other components for the electrical system. The installation manual is over 80 pages and includes step-by-step instructions. Also included with the manual is a color code chart for wire identification and a wire tabulation. The wire tabulation is 12 pages in length, and it is an index of each wire giving the points of termination for the wire and the terminals used on each end, along with other information on the length, specification, wire gauge, wire color, color striping, etc.

Battery installation hardware for Gel/Cell or Gill batteries is available and must be specified with the order.

Post lights are include with the standard kit.

A four-cylinder CHT option is available. This option may be installed only if a certain Alcor four-cylinder EGT is used. The specified EGT has an extra wafer on the rotary selector switch, and this is used for switching the CHT gauge (in the engine instrument cluster) to the four CHT senders installed.



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