F.8L Falco, I-DIET


For more on this Falco, see Giovanni Fulcheri in the Falco Hangar



For Sale F.8L Falco

The Falco was built entirely from Sequoia kits.
First flight: February 2008.
Engine Lycoming 10-360 B1E 180 Hp
Hartzell constant-speed propeller
Christen Inverted Oil System
Extra fuel tank for inverted flight
Nustrini canopy
Radio K155
Vor ILS system
Autopilot Century

The Falco I-DIET was flying about 36 hours until now (test flights, also aerobatics).

The price is 145000 Euro.
The Falco is visibile in Italy.
For any information please write to : valeria.ansaldi@uno.it

or call: Valeria Ansaldi: +39 340 2234009 - A. Caiazzo (pilot): +39 335.8001068


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