F.8L Falco, N72GR

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I am Paul Montgomery, Glyn Russell's brother-in-law, and it’s my sad duty to handle the sale of Glyn’s Falco.  Health issues have him grounded.  He is unable to fly, even as a passenger, nor is he able to handle contact with prospective buyers.  Glyn is suffering from lung cancer, in addition to several other health issues.

After eight years of loving labor, Glyn Russell, with the help of his son, Chris, completed his Falco, N72GR.  He and Chris, along with other relatives and friends, enjoyed the immense pleasure of Falco flying until Chris died as the result of a tragic (non-aviation) accident four years ago.  Since that time I have been Glyn's co-pilot for everything from 50-mile breakfast flights, to flights to Oshkosh, Sun ’n’ Fun, Jackson, Wyoming, and even Alaska.  (Call and ask me about the Alaska trip!) 

About two years ago Glyn got me get checked out in his Falco because he was developing medical issues which threatened his medical. So, I now have about 130 hours as pilot in command in the sweetest flying aircraft you can imagine.  Letting me fly his creation is a testament to Glyn’s generosity and understanding!

In dealing with interested parties I will try to be as frank and candid as Glyn would be about the airplane.  In that vein, Glyn would tell you he did not build his Falco as a show plane, but as a swift, cross-country traveller.  The airplane would not be an award winner, but it has served beautifully in the purpose for which Glyn built it. We have had some great times and seen a vast amount of God's creation through the canopy of N72GR.

There are some minor cosmetic deficiencies.  There was a scorched place on the cowling where the exhaust is a little close but this has been corrected and will not reoccur.  There are some surface cracks in the paint over micro-balloon fillets at the tail of the airplane, caused by expansion and contraction from temperature changes.  However, the Falco is a stock, built-to-the-plans Sequoia Falco, with no modifications.  It was built using all of the Sequoia Aircraft Falco kits, so parts replacement, if it’s ever required, will not be a problem. 

As Glyn was unable to perform the annual condition inspection, the Falco has a fresh annual inspection performed by a licensed A&P.  Prospective buyers are at liberty to discuss the airplane with him.  I will be happy to furnish the contact information.

Glyn is also my best friend, business partner, and flying buddy. I sorely miss his fellowship as I continue to fly in efforts to market the Falco.  I will be handling all contacts and discussions leading to a sale, so feel free to contact me at any time with your questions, to see the airplane, or to arrange a demo flight. 

Glyn's wife, Jonnie, has power of attorney, so there will be no problem consummating a sale. Glyn is in very poor condition, barely able to communicate, and getting very weak. He is still in good spirits and maintains his usual excellent disposition. He is indeed a very special person.

We will conduct demo flights out of our home base, Pryor Field Regional Airport-KDCU, in Decatur, AL.  This is in north central Alabama. 

Paul Montgomery
(256) 318-3256 Cell (preferred)
(256) 353-2331 Home

Glyn checks out the test pilot for the first flight



F.8L Falco

705 hours TTAF
Lycoming IO-320-B1A
705 hours SMOH
Hartzell Constant-Speed Prop
Garmin GTX 300 Transponder
Davtron Clock
G Meter
Northstar Loran (Inoperative)
Narco Mk 12D with ILS/Glideslope
3 Light Marker Beacon
Sigtronics Intercom
Outside Air Temp
Audio Flight Avionics AV-10 Engine Monitor
Christen Inverted Oil System


Paul Montgomery
(256) 318-3256 Cell (preferred)
(256) 353-2331 Home


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