F.8L Falco, ZK-TBD



Falco F.8L ZK-TBD

Airframe built by the late Syd Jensen with Luciano Nustrini's recommendations during the build (see various articles on Sequoia Web site: Syd Jensen Giovanni Nustrini).

Nustrini Canopy (well... of course!), and signed by Mr. Frati!

Becker VHF remote unit with powerful transmitter in the back of fuselage.
Becker Transponder
Bendix King GPS
etc. see photos

Engine XP-IO_360_B1AD2 with roller cams.
Propeller Hartzell HC-C2YR-IBF/F7666A-4
In excellent conditions, loved to bits (!), sorry to see it go...

Total Airframe hrs: 483
Total Engine hrs since new: 45.6
Total Prop hours since new: 265

NZ$ 138,000.00 o.n.o.

Contact Giovanni Nustrini
Tecnam Limited
140, De Havilland Lane
Ardmore Airport
Auckland, New Zealand
T 64 9 2989144
F 64 9 2989148
M 64 21 832626


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