Doug Henson


A view from the topside.



A real moment of satisfaction and accomplishment when the gear retracted for the first time!! November 2001.


  I laid a piece of 3/4" plywood on Frame 1 and stand on it inside the cockpit to do many of the interior details and rigging. Building the project in this manner allows great access to the inside with everything within easy reach.  

  If there was anything I considered boring on this project, it was float sanding the wing ribs. Maybe I'm impatient, but that whole process was rather tedious and tested my willpower. After spending most of the winter months sanding, I finally christened it done. Here's the top right skin varnished with epoxy and ready for bending around the LE.  

  My local hardware store sells a set of cargo tie down straps for about $20 that are perfect for pulling the plywood around the leading edge. I cinched it down with those during the steaming process, then added a few clamps to hold things tight while it dried out.  



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