Doug Henson

  Lower right skin glued and stapled in place. My plywood distributor carries the 61" x 61" size, so one sheet spans seven ribs rather than the six described in the plans (I'll accept the extra ounce of weight). It looks like I will have several sheets left over, though, since I purchased it based on the quantities suggested for the 50" x 50" size.  

  Top right skin glued and stapled, awaiting the Aerolite cure cycle.  

  Lower left skins complete.  

  Upper right 2.5 mm skin glued and stapled. The wing skinning is now nearly complete. I have started skinning inside the fuselage, installing seat tracks, and other details. I went to visit Larry Black recently and spent some time looking over details of his airplane. Just like before, I found the visit to be another good shot of Falco adrenaline -- he sure is helpful with ideas and suggestions!! Thanks, Larry.  

  Instrument panel wired with vacuum hoses and pitot/static lines in place.  



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