Falco Videos

Let us know of any Falco videos and we will post them here. We've had a number of reports of broken links, so we've added direct links in the titles of each video. I believe these are all Flash videos, so you may need a Flash Plug-In for your browser. Unfortunately, I know very little about this stuff.

Alfred Scott

A Kiwi Falco to Oshkosh


Interview with Tom Woodward and his Falco N51FL originally built by Bob Brantley



Falco #19 Nose Gear Door Testing


Falco #19 First Flight, High Speed Taxi Tests


After many hours of working on the creating and downloading process I have finally posted the documentary movie of the first flight of the Falco since the upgrade. You can see the movie here.

This tape was preceded with the taxi test tape which should appear in the you-tube box with this one. The flight lasted about 30 minutes and I edited about 45 minutes of tape to come up with this footage.

The flight was designed to be 2 turns around the field with some quick level turns at altitude, then a low pass to check the gear doors, followed by another low pass from the other direction. On the end of that pass I noticed some deer on the runway and I dove at them to scatter them. (Watch for that). Still not sure about the gear doors, I made the 3 rd low pass while Al Bird and Lance checked them and then into the pattern for the landing. We had wanted to get down as soon as possible to check every thing out. I could have stayed up there for hours it was so much joy.

The hardest thing about the flight was the "P" factor on take off. It was hard to hold it on the center line. I will get used to that.

It may not look like it but on the low passes I was going about 125 mph. At that speed it is hard to tell if they are open or not. On the next outing I will install the camera on the door opening and record what they do.

This is all a little technical but the short of it is we do not know what is happening to the doors in the wind stream. They are held open by a spring and we want to make sure they are not in the way when I do retract the gear. I can't hardly wait for that one.

Configuration for this flight by intent was gear down for the entire flight. I also did not cycle the prop pitch at any time. We simply wanted to have as few possibilities of error as possible. Temps were all good considering the climb settings. That means the Air box is working great, at least with gear down. I saw 140 MPH top speed and as you can see the Falco was very stable and very nimble to handle.

Most of you know I have not flown much since this airplane went into my shop 8 years ago. In fact my log books show only 4 landings since 06 and those were in the last 3 months when I got my Bi annual and not in type. The last plane I flew before that was a Chieftain twin. I would just like to say that I think the Falco is one of the best flying aircraft I have ever had the privilege to fly. To that I can only say that we owe a great deal to the designer "Frati" God rest his sole, and of course Alfred at Sequoia for keeping it alive and well.

I am sending this to all on my list including Sequoia aircraft and if you want to know more about this aircraft design you can visit www.seqair.com to get more details. There is an article in the last news letter on page 19 about my trip home 8 years ago.

Many thanks to my neighbors and camera crews. Bo and Luann McDonald, Sue Johnston and of course my lovely wife Janet took the stills. And thanks to Sharon Dorrance, Sue Johnston and Lance Alter for the support and complements.

It is hard to put into prospective the feelings you experience going through this process. I came away with a good confidence in this aircraft and deep satisfaction of accomplishment. From here we will be expanding the envelope and flying off the hours required by the FAA.

Steve Crisp



Un-Building my Falco—George Richards




Stefano Gambaro taking off from the airstrip at Sansepolcro (Italy) and making a low pass


Intentional Relationships


Falco Pylon Race, Thiene (Italy) 2011


Raoul Schild in traffic pattern at Bad Völau (LOAV) Austria in Falco I-DIET
Raoul is testing a multi-camera/intercom setup in the Falco

Doug Henson Formation Flying and Acrobatics — Falco and Legacy


Doug Henson at Flight Test Nation Edwards Airforce Base


Falco N63KC Flight from Oshkosh 2010


Falco Flight Over Melbourne Australia, X-Plane Falco


Short demonstration of X-Plane Falco features


Short flight in X-Plane Falco


X-Plane Falco flying over Phillip Island in Australia

Buy the $25 X-Plane Falco from X-Scenery , all created by Falco builder Tom Kyler



Ryan Vaughan gets a ride in Doug Henson's Falco


Falco Flight NZ—George Richards


Falco Flight, Falco N7B


Walter Stumpf and friend
Walter Stumpf and friend in N658BB, Bob Bready's Falco
We went from Airman Acres, a residential airpark north of Tulsa, to Bartlesville
for the Tulsa regional fly-in and back. This is the takeoff from Airman Acres.


3500 Feet with Falco
Walter Stumpf and friend on the same flight.


Low Pass at Bartlesville
Walter Stumpf and friend on the same flight.


Take-off from Bartlesville
Walter Stumpf and friend on the same flight.


Fly 180 kts in a Falco, low level flying near Venice in a 1956 production Falco



Low pass of Luigi Aldini's Falco I-ALDI during the Rieti Air Show 2007


2002 Downunder Fly-In, Toowoomba, Australia


Channel Six News visits Sequoia Aircraft and Joel Shankle. WTVR Channel Six News, 6/28/98


Engine Failure in the Alps