Wall Centerline Tool


Wall Centerline Tool
This tool allows you to draw a centerline between two points.

Choose whether the tool will be constrained (cross) or unconstrained (diagonal line) to snap angles.

Choose whether the tool will place a solid line or a dashed line.

To use the tool, place the cursor in the drawing area at one side of the wall and press the mouse button.

Drag to the other side of the wall and release the mouse button. The centerline will be placed in the drawing.

This tool is intended for architects who want to dimension to the center of a wall. For these situations, it works best to put a guideline across the series of walls that you intend to dimension, use the Wall Centerline tool to place the wall centerlines (snap to the intersections between the guideline and the wall), and finally use the Dimension Line tool to place the dimension.


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