Rubber Stamp Tool


Rubber Stamp Tool
The Rubber Stamp tool allows you to copy objects in the drawing and place additional objects. The Rubber Stamp tool has many similarities to the standard Macintosh Copy and Paste commands except that the object is not stored in the clipboard. It also resembles the operation of the Symbol tool.

Whenever you quit PowerCADD, the Rubber Stamp tool 'forgets' about the type of object that it is supposed to duplicate. Whenever its private 'clipboard' is empty, it displays a Picklefork cursor. When the Picklefork cursor is showing, this means that you are in the mode of 'picking up' an object.

When the Picklefork cursor is showing, click on any object in the drawing. The Rubber Stamp tool will then make a copy of that object, including all of its attributes for line weight, pen and fill patterns and colors, etc.

When the Rubber Stamp tool has an object in its private 'clipboard', the cursor changes to a normal drawing cursor, and the object is ghosted with the cursor.

To place an object in the drawing, simply click in the drawing.


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