Jeff Morriss

Jeff's wing in the jig

When I decided to build an aircraft, I wanted the best combination of performance, aesthetics, and proven reliability. In my opinion, the Falco offered the best balance of these. So in June, 1997, I ordered a set of plans. There was never any doubt about my building the wood components since I already owned a fairly complete wood shop and had built furniture for years.

I also decided to build as many of the metal components based on my experience as a machinist when I was in college. (I was in a work-study program at the physics department and built various experimental apparatus). In the course of building the metal parts, I found it necessary to acquire a lathe, a vertical mill and a TIG welder. In retrospect, I am glad I undertook the task of building the metal parts, because I enjoy that sort of thing, and the investment in tools was not wasted. However, it has at least doubled the build time.

Jeff Morriss

Three generations of propeller heads. Stepson David, Father-in-Law Fred, and Jeff Morriss

Jeff Morriss is an engineering manager at Intel Corporation and specializes in applied microwave theory, interconnect modeling and signal integrity. Jeff Morriss, 1320 NW Susbauer Road, Cornelius, Oregon 97113 Telephone: (503) 357-3602. Email:


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