The Falco Workshop

"When Mr. Scott first proposed to Engineer Frati that he should sell copies of the plans, Frati said no no no," Carla Bielli recalled. "I told Frati 'You don't know the Americans. They can do anything.'" Bielli, fortunately, is an Americophile. "You see in small towns when you come to America millions of people living far from cities, taking care of themselves. Nothing is impossible in the United States. People in the United States, if they have to do something, they do it. When they decided they wanted to go to the moon, they went six times. It is so simple."

Stephan Wilkinson
"Forty Years of Falcos"
August/September 1996 Air & Space

Al Aitken   Ken Bird   Bjørn Brekke   Gayl Boddy

    Klaus Bodentein    Leon Boizot    Craig Bransfield 

   David Carroll     Mario Domingues     Kelly Eberle

Rick Fitzwater     Bill Hoffman     John Kahrs     Niels Kinneging

Jeff Morriss    Napolle & Chiconato     Reece Polmear     Alan Powell  

Mike Schuler & Bob Trumbley     Mark Wainwright     Pierre Wildman

Welcome to the Falco Workshop, where you can visit with people who are building Falcos, see their projects, hear what they have to say, and learn more about what they do.