Mark Wainwright

Mark's mother and father pulling staples

I bought the plans from twenty years ago, and some of the photos are from the early days of the project. There are two pictures of my parents helping me pull staples from the skins on the tail; neither of them is with us any longer. There are also a couple photos of my son, who made the wing rib jigs while he was in high school. He has gone on to be a physicist.

Mark Wainwright

Mark and his mother working on the elevator.

Mark Wainwright ( lives in Los Gatos, California. He started working from plans in 2001 but has since gone into high gear with the kits.

Forward wing spar.

Mark and horizontal tail

Son and main wing spar.

Working on the aileron flap assembly which is made as a single part, then cut apart.

Aileron bellcrank

Elevator tab

Control cables

Access panel

Wing tip

Laying out a wing rib.