Pierre Wildman

This is a great project. I really enjoy building the Falco. I find that there are so many different things that need to be done that it never gets boring. When I get tired of sanding, I build some other component, or plan my avionics, or clean the place up. Pondering becomes an art form, figuring out just exactly how you're going to do something. You'd be amazed how clear something can become after a glass of wine! There is an element of continuity the Falco brings to my life. It'll outlast most other things I'll ever get involved with, I can tell you that already.

One element I really like about it is that I work on it when I like. Sometimes it's every night. Other times nothing happens on it for a month. Usually that's because of work stuff, care and feeding of my other airplane, keeping the family relationships healthy, going on vacations, or working on a new rating (I've gotten my CFI and CFII since I've started the Falco). But no matter what I'm doing, it's always floating around in my mind. For me the Falco is an integral part of a balanced lifestyle. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Developing friendships with other Falcophiles has been very rewarding. Dan Dorr over in Fremont has been good to me (thank you, Dan). I get to go over to his place sometimes and ogle over his airplane, which as you can see from his web page is WAYYYYYY ahead of mine. He's also been very helpful on those rare occasions when I fail to follow the chicanery of Alfred's thinking. (Poor Alfred, he's tried so hard to be logical.) Larry Black, John Harns, Dave McMurray, Alfred, and everyone else have always been helpful when asked.

I knew I wanted a Falco back in 1986. I even bought the plans around then. But I felt I couldn't afford it, didn't have the time, and on and on. But I always thought about it. Then in 1996 (yes, 10 years later!) I just ordered the tail kits. Since then, I've been doing a little building, buying a few more kits, and slowly building a Falco and enjoying life. I should not have waited, because if I'd started then I'd be done now. There are always lots of reasons to procrastinate. But there are better reasons to "get on with it". As it is I'll finish someday, and I'll have a neat airplane and a wonderful life experience. Not a bad way to go.

Pierre Wildman

Pierre Wildman with the nose gear.

Pierre Wildman is marketing director in Silicon Valley. Cell: (650) 387-4189, email: pwildman@kplventures.com


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