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Thank you so much! Incredible as I went on the site right last night and discovered it! What a timing! A good way to be always passionate about our planes and knowing them better.

Andrea Tremolada

You're a genius. Thank you,

Pietro Venanzi

I had the pleasure some time ago to exchange a few emails with you when I ordered the old version of Benchmark. Presently I am following a master degree course in flight testing and certification at Madrid Politechnics University and test pilot class B school.

I want to tell you that Benchmark was received enthusiastically between students and teachers as a teaching and experimenting tool. I want to thank and congratulate you for this outstanding creation.

Mauricio Sanchez-Bella
Plaza Maslama. 8
28016 Madrid Spain

The software is beautiful. Congratulations.

Josh Davenport

I just discovered Benchmark after doing a web search for some work I am doing on a Master's thesis.

I am totally blown away. Looks like I am getting a Mac.

Norman E. Howell
Senior Experimental Test Pilot
Airborne Battle Management Flight Operations - BT&E
The Boeing Company
Seattle, Washington

I am currently finishing up a Masters in Aeronautics through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Your program has been an amazing aid for me to model an STC change I made. Your program combined with a bit of statistical analysis has helped me understand and quantify a performance change in a manner which I think will help the reader visually understand my conclusions.

Your program provided detailed performance modeling which I am willing to expand upon further if so desired. The quick story is an Electroair EIS-41000 electronic ignition install which worked, but has a slight timing flaw which could be quantified by a mix of your Benchmark power available to power required curves and another digital engine model.

My installation of the EIS resulted in significant performance change; lost 2.5 kts @ 8500' and tied up at 12500'. The thesis is professional and emotionless.

Again, thank you for developing such a great program. It has also been fun to think about how some planned mods might go.

Mark Schulenberg

[This is the second MA thesis at ERAU that used Benchmark.]

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We're not sure where to put this, but for anyone interested in this subject, please see

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by John Lowry

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