Kit No. 803
Wing Equipment

All components that must be installed in the wing prior to completion of the wood structure.

This kit includes all flap and aileron hinges and control arms, pulley brackets, pulley guards, pulleys, aileron bellcrank supports, flap torque tube supports, main landing gear mounts, anchor plates and bushings, side load strut mounts, grease fittings, and all required hardware.

Most components are machined from 2024-T3511 aluminum extrusions, 2024-T3 or 2024-T4 aluminum plate. Landing gear mounts are machined from solid 2024-T4 aluminum bar, and bushings are machined from SAE 660 bronze and AMS-4631 aluminum-bronze. For corrosion protection, all aluminum components are alodine coated, and all steel components and bronze bushings are cadmium plated.



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