Kit No. 812
Landing Gear Retraction

All components for the installation of the retraction system.

This kit includes the retraction unit gearbox housing wth all gears and shafts, the motor disconnect unit, the emergency manual hand crank and handle, the screwjack and sleeves for each gear, the upper and lower side struts for the main gear, the upper and lower drag strut for the nose gear, the upper and lower strut pins, springs, universal joints, and all required hardware.

The retraction system is operated by a 12-volt permanent magnet motor operating three screwjacks through a series of gears. A disconnect feature is provided for manual operation in the event of electrical failure. Screwjacks are heat-treated 4130 steel with ground threads. Components include 356-T6 aluminum castings, machined 4130 normalized and heat-treated steel components, and machined 2024-T3 aluminum components. Sealed ball bearings are used for the screwjack drive system. Sealed universal joins are rated at tension loads of 3,500 pounds, nearly 4.5 times the actual loads during aerobatics.



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