F.8L Falco, N660RH

Sold to Simon Paul

For more information on this Falco, see Rex Hume in the Falco Hangar.


It has been a tough decision over the past two years to sell a “REAL” airplane that has been the most exciting and important 28 years of my flying life - ten years building the Falco and eighteen years flying it.  Believe me it is an attention getter where ever I fly.  It is a two finger flying aircraft that goes where you point it, and faster than most Falcos.

My medical has run out and will not be passable in the near future and being 84 years old - it is time to hang it up.  Sell it or torch it.

Some of the features you won’t see on other Falcos - Aluminum engine cowling, smooth wing trailing edge with no cutouts or small doors screwed on, wood wing to fuselage fillet like the production aircraft and full compliment of gear doors.

I have had the privilege of being a member of an elite group of pilots and aircraft owners - having built and flown a Falco for 650 hours without any mechanical or design problems with a wonderful airplane.

Rex Hume 

Oshkosh 1995, Rex points to where Stelio Frati autographed his Falco



N660RH S/N 660

Certified VFR/IFR Night/Day
Lycoming 0-360 180 H.P.  642 Hrs. since Overhaul
Hartzell Constant Speed Propeller & McCauley Governor
Aluminum Engine Cowling
B & C Lightweight Starter
AN Fuel Pump (Gear type)
Bendix Magnetos
Vacuum Pump - P/N 211 CC & Oil Separator
Electronic International CHT/EGT - 4 cyl.
Alcor Fuel Flow/ Totalizer
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
Full Compliment - Wheel and Strut Doors
Turn and Bank Indicator
Sigma-Tek Directional Gyro & Artificial Horizon
G Meter & Volt/Ammeter
Artex ELT - 110
Ameri-King AK-350 Altitude Encoder
King KX 155 Transceiver & KY 97A Transceiver
King KT 75A Transponder
Apollo GX 55 GPS (Garmin Panel Mount)
Sigtronics Intercom SPA-400
RST Marker Beacon Receiver

Hughes FPL-16A Glue and some resorcinol glue on fuselage frames.  25 coats of paint on Stits fabric over plywood skin.  Two coats of clear on top of Dupont enamel color. White base, red and blue trim.

Empty weight 1252 pounds.  Flown many times at 1960 pounds gross.

Cruise 165 Knots Indicated Airspeed

Have flown formation with 65 H.P. Piper Cub.

30 Awards with this Aircraft

Featured in: Winter 1995 “Sportsman Pilot”, “Falco Newsletter” and Falco website as well as local newspapers and TV stations.

Asking $85,000


Rex Hume 541-846-6620


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